Luthierie Books, and ProSeries Drawings

Our library of books on stringed musical instrument design, construction, acoustics, and tap tuning were written by heralded author Roger H. Siminoff whose luthierie experience spans more than 60 years.

Titles include The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual 4th EditionThe Luthier's Handbook 2nd Edition, The Art of Tap Tuning 2nd Edition, and Roger's newest book, The life and work of Lloyd Allayre Loar.

We are also proud to present The Physics of Music, an exciting adventure into a college class with Professor Lloyd A Loar. This text is a replica of a student's lab notebook that includes numerous diagrams from Professor Lloyd Loar's last summer class at Northwestern University before his death in 1943. This is about as close as you can get to a class on musical acoustics from Lloyd Loar!

Lastly, our ProSeries Drawings are considered to be best-in-class and were crafted by Roger Siminoff. Drawings are accurate, highly-detailed, full-size, computer-generated drawings of the A1, A5, and F4 mandolins, the H4 and H5 mandolas, and a set of Template and Fixtures Drawings for constructing the F5 mandolin. (Please note that our Pro-Series F5 Mandolin Drawings are not sold separately. Instead, the complete set of full-size F5 mandolin drawings is included in the Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual, 4th Edition.)