Straight Up Strings for Mandolin

Straight Up Strings for Mandolin

$ 8.95

Straight Up Strings is an exciting new development in mandolin string technology that features compensated download pressures for the strings that rest on the saddle near the post (E and G) compared to those that rest in the middle of the saddle (A and D) on conventional two-post adjustable bridges. Balanced lateral loading provides excellent string-to-string balance, clarity, and sustain. Wound strings feature phosphor bronze wrap wire. The ideal solution for a balanced-sounding mandolin.

#2500-M, Medium gauge:.0115" .016" .024" .039" Compensated downloads (pounds)*: E 5.5 A 4.0 D 4.0 G 7.0 - Total download: 41 pounds - Total tension: 179 pounds

#2500-H, Heavy gauge: .0115" .017" .026" .041" Compensated downloads (pounds)*: E 5.5 A 5.0 D 5.2 G 7.4 - Total download: 46.2 pounds - Total tension: 193.6 pounds

*Download calculated at a 16° string break angle over bridge.

These unique strings offer 5 key features:

1) Compensated downloads adjust for the difference in energy transmission of strings near the bridge's posts compared to strings that sit in the middle of the saddle;

2) Download pressure of each string is calculated at a 16° string break angle, and the wire diameter is precisely engineered to ensure excellent string-to-string balance;

3) Unique core-to-wrap ratio designed to improve the tone-color relationship between wound and plain strings;

4) Phosphor bronze wrap wire delivers a powerful mid-to-bass response; and

5) ISO 226-2003 equal-loudness contours applied to enhance the perception of an evenly distributed and balanced tonal range.


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