How to build an A5 mandolin drawings designed by Lloyd Loar.
Construction blueprints for A5 Gibson mandolin designed by Lloyd Loar.
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A5 Mandolin ProSeries Drawings - full size
Roger Siminoff

A5 Mandolin ProSeries Drawings - full size

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Siminoff's full-size mandolin drawings are heralded as best in class. Drawings include construction notes, cross-section details for soundboards and backboards, and details for graduating soundboards and backboards. The A5 mandolin features a pear-shaped body with two f-holes. To facilitate construction, drawings are numbered concurrent with references in The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual 4th Edition.


  • Full-sized, highly detailed
  • Complete instrument, multiple views
  • Computer-generated 
  • Plotter-printed, stapled set
  • 20 pages