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Straight Up Strings

Banjo strings Sampler 3-Pak from Straight Up Strings

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Our Banjo Sampler 3-Pak is the perfect way to evaluate which gauge is right for you and your banjo! Each Sampler 3-Pak is priced at a special try-me discount and contains one set of light, medium, and heavy Straight Up Strings for the banjo. (see specs below)

Straight Up Strings is a paradigm shift in musical string design that features compensated downloads for each string depending on where the string sits on the bridge (over feet or over arches). And our string tensions are compensated for the relative downloads of neighboring strings to provide the ultimate balanced response from each string, as well as providing a similar feel for both your picking and fretting fingers.

Manufactured to our demanding specifications and quality control, these unique strings boast a smooth stainless wrap wire and offer 5 Key Features:

1) Each string's downpressure is compensated relative to their location on the bridge as well as to the tension of adjacent strings to uniformly control the downward pressure of the bridge on the head.

2) Core-to-wrap wire combination for the wound fourth string is engineered to improve brightness, sustain, balance, and tone color between the plain (unwound) strings and the wound D string.

3) Compensated downloads deliver excellent string-to-string balance and improved intonation on all strings.

4) Straight Up Strings compensated downloads (tensions) ensure equal "feel" for picking, choke-ing, bending, and fretting.

5) Downloads and tension loads are calculated on a bell-shaped curve to adjust for ISO 226-2003 equal-loudness (human perception) contours.

• Please note that Straight Up String gauges are typically a bit lighter than comparable sets, such that our "lights" are a bit lighter than the average "light" gauge set, our "mediums" are a bit lighter than the average "medium" set, etc.

#2600-L, Light gauge: .009" .0105" .013" .020w" .009" Compensated downloads* (pounds): D 3.4  B 3.2  G 2.9  D 3.4  G 3.4 - Total download: 16.2 pounds - Total tension: 55.6 pounds

#2600-M, Medium gauge: .010" .0115" .013" .020w" .010" Compensated downloads* (pounds): D 4.0  B 3.5  G 2.9  D 3.4  G 4.0 - Total download: 17.8 pounds - Total tension: 60.9 pounds

#2600-H, Heavy gauge: .011" .012" .014" .022w" .0105" Compensated downloads* (pounds): D 4.5  B 3.7  G 3.2  D 3.7  G 4.3 - Total download: 19.4 pounds - Total tension: 70 pounds

*Download (pounds) calculated at a 15° string-break angle over the bridge (see diagram above, left).


Straight Up Strings Catalog (PDF) (or please email us with your address if you would like a printed copy of our catalog mailed to you).

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