full size drawings for making an F5 mandolin as played by Bill Monroe.
Full size blueprints and plans for building an F5 mandolin designed by Lloyd Loar.
Full size drawings for building the F5 mandolin played by Bill Monroe and designed by Lloyd Loar.
Roger Siminoff describes how to build an F5 mandolin.
Roger Siminoff

F5 mandolin full-size blueprint drawings

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Siminoff's full-size F5 mandolin ProSeries drawings are heralded as best in class and are included in The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual, 2nd Edition (shown here for reference only, not available separately).

Our ProSeries Drawings include detailed construction notes, cross section specifications for soundboards and backboards, accurate body and scroll shape, tone bar positioning, f-hole size and shape, Virzi Tone Producer, 9 full-size peghead inlay designs by DiAnne Patrick, tap tuning notes, and details for graduating soundboards and backboards. The F5 mandolin was designed by Lloyd Loar and features two f-holes. 

  • Included as part of Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual
  • Set includes various page sizes, from 12˝x9˝ to 12˝x29˝
  • 21 drawing pages plus cover page
  • This drawing set is not available separately (see note below)

PLEASE NOTE: Our F5 ProSeries Drawings are only available in The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual 4th Edition and no longer available separately. Therefore they are shown here for reference only with a $.00 price.