Luthier's Handbook is the ultimate guide for building great guitars and acoustic stringed instruments.
The ultimate instruction manual for building guitars and other acoustic strings instruments.
For builders and makers of banjos, guitars, and mandolins.
The luthier's guide for guitar making, banjo making, and mandolin making.
for constructing guitars, banjos, and mandolins.
Roger Siminoff

Luthier's Handbook, 2nd edition

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The Luthier's Handbook, 2nd edition features completely revised and updated text on the art of building acoustic stringed musical instruments. An essential guide for the instrument builder and anyone interested in learning how acoustic stringed instruments work. The Luthier's Handbook, 2nd edition explores the secrets and science behind making great sounding instruments. Renowned author Roger Siminoff shares his more than 60 years of luthierie experience in this text that includes a treatise on musical acoustics, selecting the right woods, how soundboards work, crafting the right braces and tone bars, ideal bridges, applying finishes, how truss rods work, the right strings for your instrument, a primer on tap tuning, and much more. A must-have text for everyone who builds acoustic stringed musical instruments.

• Introduction by heralded luthier Lynn Dudenbostel

• 104 text pages

• more than 160 color photos and illustrations

• 8-1/2˝ x 11˝