Learn how to voice and tap tune acoustic stringed instruments
Learn how Lloyd Loar tap tuned Gibson mandolins.
Learn how tap tuning works and how to voice a guitar with tap tuning.
this book describes how tap tuning and voicing works.
learn the art of voicing a guitar with tap tuning.
demonstrations on how to tap tune a string instrument
voicing and tuning tune tone bars on a mandolin
using strobosoft for tap tuning and voicing
Roger Siminoff

Tap tuning how to - The Art of Tap Tuning, 2nd edition

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The Art of Tap Tuning 2nd Edition is a content-rich treatise on musical acoustics that describes the process of building stringed musical instruments and adjusting the frequencies of the structure of the instrument to produce excellent tone. The great violin luthiers of the 15th and 16th Centuries learned that excellence in tone could only be achieved through a process called "tap tuning." Written by renowned author Roger H. Siminoff with more than six decades of luthierie experience, and almost as many years dedicated to tap tuning, this revised edition of The Art of Tap Tuning breaks the mystique about tap tuning and reveals ground-breaking information on how easily tap tuning works and how to apply it to instruments you build to produce the best sounding stringed acoustical instruments. The text is accompanied by a secure-access interruption-free 55-minute video with numerous live tap tuning demonstrations (to be streamed to your device anywhere anytime).

Interested in learning more about tap tuning and voicing? Watch this 9-minute introductory video to tap tuning: CLICK HERE.

  • Fully illustrated with more than 95 diagrams and color photos
  • A primer on musical acoustics
  • Tone bar and air chamber tunings for 12 instruments
  • An Appendix on Lloyd Loar's tuning techniques for the F5, H5, and L5
  • An Appendix by Lloyd Loar on What Sound Boards Do And How They Do It
  • 55-minute video loaded with live tap tuning demonstrations (available for streaming on-line from any device via secure-code access)
  • Foreward by Richard Hoover, Santa Cruz Guitar Company
  • Includes free bonus luthier's signature labels
  • 76 pages, soft bound
  • 8-1/2˝x11˝

Supporting documents:

Setting up StroboSoft for tap tuning (free PDF download): CLICK HERE

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