Straight Up Strings for Banjo

Straight Up Strings for Banjo are designed to improve the string-to-string balance of 5-string banjos that utilize the conventional three-footed bridge whose design has one string (G) positioned directly over a foot, two strings (G & D) positioned almost directly over feet, and two strings (D & B) positioned over the arches of the bridge.

Our strings feature compensated down pressures that provide excellent clarity and sustain in addition to improved string-to-string balance. Our wound fourth string is wrapped with an ultra-smooth chromium stainless wire, and each set provides the ideal solution for a powerful and balanced-sounding banjo.

Straight Up Strings are available in light, medium, and heavy gauges, in single sets, a 6-Pak of six sets of the same gauge in a handy cloth bag with a free micro-fiber string wipe, and a Sampler Pak of light, medium, and heavy gauges.