Straight Up Strings for Banjo
Straight Up Strings for Banjo
Straight Up Strings

Straight Up Strings for Banjo

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Straight Up Strings for banjo are designed to improve the string-to-string balance of 5-string banjos that utilize the conventional three-footed bridge whose design has one string (G) positioned directly over a foot, two strings (G & D) positioned almost directly over feet, and two strings (D & B) positioned over the arches of the bridge.

Straight Up Strings feature compensated down pressures that provide excellent clarity and sustain in addition to improved string-to-string balance. Our wound fourth string is wrapped with a smooth chromium stainless wire, and each set provides the ideal solution for a balanced-sounding banjo.

#2600-L, Light gauge: .009" .0105" .013" .020" .009" Compensated downloads* (pounds): D 3.4 B 3.2 G 2.9 D 3.4 G 3.4 - Total download: 16.2 pounds - Total tension: 55.6 pounds

#2600-M, Medium gauge: .010" .0115" .013" .020" .010" Compensated downloads* (pounds): D 4.0 B 3.5 G 2.9 D 3.4 G 4.0 - Total download: 17.8 pounds - Total tension: 60.9 pounds

#2600-H, Heavy gauge: .011" .012" .014" .022" .0105" Compensated downloads* (pounds): D 4.5 B 3.7 G 3.2 D 3.7 G 4.3 - Total download: 19.4 pounds - Total tension: 70 pounds

*Download calculated at a 15° string break angle over bridge

A major breakthrough in string design, Straight Up Strings is an exciting new development in banjo string technology that features compensated download pressures for the first, third, and fifth strings that sit over feet compared to the second and fourth strings that sit over the bridge's arches on conventional three-foot banjo bridges. These unique strings offer 5 key features:

1) Compensated downloads adjust for the difference in energy transmission of strings that sit over feet compared to string that sit over arches;

2) Download pressure of each string is calculated at a 15° string break angle, and the wire diameter is precisely engineered to ensure excellent string-to-string balance;

3) Unique core-to-wrap ratio for the D string improves the tone-color relationship between wound and plain strings;

4) Chromium Stainless gives the wound D string a smooth, rust-free, plain-wire feel;

5) ISO 226-2003 equal-loudness contours applied to enhance the perception of an evenly distributed and balanced tonal range.


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